Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman creates poetic photographic images for book covers, magazines, advertising and gallery exhibition. He began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990’s, developing the signature style that synthesized his interests in graphic design, photography, painting and assemblage. This digital work found a wide audience in the commercial sector, and his work has since…

London and the U.K. From Above

Photographer Jason Hawkes has been making fascinating aerial images since 1991. With a gyro-stabilized camera, he takes photos directly from the open door of a helicopter. Hawkes has covered subjects around the world, but specializes in aerial shots of the United Kingdom. (TheAtlantic inFocus)  

Cloud Storage for Photographers: Livedrive

New interesting price from Livedrive. I think that the plan ‘ProSuite’ it’s perfect for photographers because offers 5 Terabyte of storage at $19/month. It’s really a good price: currently a LaCie 2 Tb costs $100-200 via amazon. The Plan ‘Briefcase’ instead offers 2 Terabyte of storage at $12 per month. Click here to sign up…

Andre Kertesz

“Perhaps more than any other photographer, Andre Kertesz discovered and demonstrated the special aesthetic of the small camera. These beautiful little machines seemed at first hardly serious enough for the typical professional, with his straightforward and factual approach to the subject. Most of those who did use small cameras tried to make them do what…

The Glue Society

Metal on Metal ‘Bastard’ Chair Arch: A film by The Glue Society for 42Below Vodka TMB – Make The Difference Son Of Kick Playing the Villain The Glue Society is a creative collective comprising writers, directors, art directors and artists.