36 Exposures by David Emitt Adams

11_Student Tintype_001 11_Student Tintype_004 11_Student Tintype_005 11_Student Tintype_006 11_Student Tintype_007 11_Student Tintype_009 11_Student Tintype_010 11_Student Tintype_011 11_Student Tintype_012 11_Student Tintype_013 11_Student Tintype_014 11_Student Tintype_016 11_Student Tintype_017 11_Student Tintype_018

“In the piece 36 Exposures, I used 35mm film canisters discarded by my “Introduction to Photography” students as the metal base to hold their collodion tintype portraits. I employed this labor-intensive, 19th-century photographic process to make the students’ portraits on the very film canisters that played a crucial role in their initial understanding of photography. The entire series is housed in a mahogany display case, which I designed and built to reference and reinterpret the history of photographic display. The canisters and the process I used in this piece speak of my fascination with the evolving nature of photography, representation, and culture.”

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