“A Beautiful Body” Book Project by Jade Beall

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Support A Book & New Media Platform For Women To Celebrate Our Bodies Just As We Are Without Digital Alteration. Vol 1: Mothers.

The Story:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I posted this photo above of a friend of mine I took in my studio here in Tucson, AZ.

I had already posted photos of my post-birth body to show the world what I was going through after my son Sequoia came into this world. And through all of this I realized that there were hundreds and thousands of women who also wanted to share their life stories about their bodies! The emails started flooding in and I realized I had to build this project, that it was my calling. The stories have been intense, beautiful, painful, and everything in between.

A Beautiful Body project is movement of women coming together to tell their stories and celebrate their ever-changing bodies so that future generations of women can live free from self-suffering.

The first element of the project is going to be a book of 100 or more black-and-white photographs of mothers accompanied by their own stories in their own words about her own personal journey with what beauty and feeling beautiful in a culture that alters over 90% of all media means to her.

My intention is for this book, with your help, is to continue on with other ‘A Beautiful Body’ volumes such as beautiful women facing aging, beautiful women dealing with cancer, beautiful young women facing eating disorders and beyond.

I have heard hundreds of stories now. Anorexia, childhood bulimia, the mother of a woman told her she was too fat to be a ballerina, self-hatred, self-suffering. Feeling unsexy because she perceived her nipples as imperfect, feeling unsexy because she lost too much weight after breast feeding. Feeling like there was something deeply wrong with her because she only lost 5 pounds 9 months after the birth of her 2nd child. Mourning the loss of her un-suckled breasts. Sexual abuse, self-inflicted abuse, teenage and young adult drug addictions due to self loathing because she never felt beautiful; breast cancer after the birth of a long awaited pregnancy, loss of a baby at birth with a wrinkly tummy to remind her everyday of what might have been. There can be so many stories shadowing a woman in our culture. We are, however, also incredible blessed with tremendous amounts of freedom and the ability to shape-shift concepts and ideas in our country. We have the ability to feel worthy, to believe we are beautiful and to be a part of a community of people who wish to share beauty and joy in this world.

I offer the photoshoots to women for free of course, and I have a family that I need to support as well and this is why your support means the world to me.  All the women photographed are volunteers to show and tell their stories so that other women can step out of the shadows and from behind the veils to see their own divine beauty as women, mothers, hopeful mothers, mothers who have faced loss, mothers who are healing, mothers who are thriving and to women across this Planet.

The project is intended to redefine beautiful. Our bodies. Ourselves. Our World. Our families. We are beautiful.

Thank you for being a part of the magic we are creating together!

Jade Beal