Alberto Seveso

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Alberto Seveso says: “I was born in Milan the 30th of May 1976. I approached, for the first time, to the world art at the beginning of 1990s.

The passion for graphic arts started in these years because I was really fascinated from the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands. From this passion I started to think about how reproduce this kind of artwork. I ever had a computer in my home, from the times of the Commodore Vic20, and I kept thinking that my computer could be useful in this way. I mean that I can use the computer to make art and not only to play!

Now I work as a freelance in my hometown, Portoscuso, Sardinia-Italy for small, medium and big agencies.”

represented in the Europe by Central Illustration agency
represented in the USA by Bernstein & Andriulli