Alyssa Miserendino: Our World Insideout

Our World Insideout by Alyssa Miserendino

Our World Insideout was born from my young home life that was raw, violent & steeped in displacement and abandonment. The catalyst of this life-long project started with documenting my own abandoned home in 2004, from the inside. Then in 2009, during the economic crash, I found a relation to the familiar emotion of loss & I started documenting other’s homes. I created the imagery with the hope that this project will incite a visual, global dialog concerning the used & unused resources; thus inspiring change. It touches on the many levels of humanity & one of the most sacred places for us : home. Insideout is one word – there is no delineation between what happens behind closed doors & what is communicated to the outside world.

Our World Insideout: Brazil (2010)

I’ve been to properties with notices posted since 1998, walked though gates with layers of cobwebs, & entered abandoned homes experiencing what is left behind – the day a family & children were evicted, the day the owners ran out of funds to complete construction, the day the owner died & the family neglected to clear the home of the deceased’s belongings. I’ve captured images of a home 15 years forgotten & now surrounded by mansions; held my breath in a house that is a historical site, splattered with feces; & opened a never-ending sea of unlocked doors. However, I have also witnessed what others have built with their own hands, resourced from other people’s garbage. I’ve met people & listened to their stories about how they ended up taking over an abandoned home; picked up a nomad with her fishing pole to visit her train station house & met a woman who built her home around the base of a tree, from found objects.

Our World Insideout: New Orleans

Our World Insideout: Chicago before & after (2012)

What you see here is Chicago from 2009 and Chicago from 2012. Each Diptych has their own story, like each one of us. Here is where another nature is being formed, and hopefully a dialogue for acknowledgements and change – a chance to grow in this world.

Insideout is one word–There is no delineation between what happens being closed doors, and what is communicated to the outside world.