Antonia Zennaro: Libya’s Deserted Borders

Schermata 10-2456596 alle 04.01.13

Vast cracks have appeared in Libya’s southern borders: refugees and smuggled goods flood into the country – corruption is the order of the day at many checkpoints. Not so in Al Luer, where 138 young men fight for justice on their own terms. They belong to the Tubu people, a non-Arab minority determined to find peace in the wake of Gaddafi’s death.

Born 1980 in Hamburg, Zennaro grew up in Italy. She studied photography in Rome and got a Masters in Visual Storytelling in Aarhus. Publication of her book on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn in 2013. Represented by the Zeitenspiegel agency. Her reportage on Libya was shot with a Leica M9 and a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 Asph.

Please find Antonia Zennaro’s reportage in LFI Magazine 8/2013, available on Friday, 1st November:
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