Antropoamórfico Alphabet

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‘My typography is part of my most visceral, intimate and expressive that’s been taking over my mind and heart for a very long time. .Every letter, every icon and every creation in this alphabet was born in the most natural and sincere form. Trying not to lose the connection (both aesthetic and expressive) of the project my little universe is called ANTROPOMORFICO.

ANTROPOMORFICO was born as a reinterpretation of old medicine , botanical, science or simple geometry books and also very detailed drawings.

The raw material I use,inspire me to mix all these illustrations in an almost sick and dark way,but always colourful and open to interpretation as a goal. It seems that the all those drawings were there so I could find and compose them to express “IT THE has many different meanings for every individual in my digital collages.

The tools I use to create this “ANTROPOMORFICO ALPHABET” comes from the language of my project “Antropomorfico” but the real motivation of this tiny “spin off” it has been the challenge of “36 days of type”‘