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Ouroboros is an image employed in diverse cultures symbolizing the cycle nature of things, the eternal return. In a broader sense, it symbolizes time and the continuity of life.

Our design try to represent a sense of fulfilment around a good meal shared with loving people. It is a metaphor of the pleasure of living surrounded by good taste and aroma, and, of course, great friendships. Without ostentation, it invites us to a ludic experience and full of singularity that enjoys itself with simplicity, “good eat” and a pleasant conversation.

The design is austere. It is not more than a support of vegetal forms, colours, textures and aroma. The stretcher, of triangular section, delicately fixes face down bouquets defining a lively and complex crown. The objet stay hanging from the ceiling, virtually drawing an inclusive and rich in nuances space.’

The piece is exceptionally made by Galería Zafra in Mexico City. The central part is made with white cedar and the ironwork in solid copper.

Photography: Leo C Sam

Art director : Mara Salas

Footage of Renoir and Monet painting

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Filmed Painting at Home (1919)

This is unique footage of the great Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). He is seen at home, working on a canvas.

I’m just astonished it exists – I never imagined I’d see film of him painting – you even get a sense of his method of applying the oil to the canvas. Also present in this footage are Renoir’s youngest son Claude, 14, who stands by to arrange the palette and place the brush in his father’s hand, and Sacha Guitry, the man who made this film in 1915 and who appears midway through the film sitting down and talking with the artist.

This is unique film of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926), painting outdoors, ‘en plein air’, in his garden at Giverny.

The footage is in two segments. Firstly we see the artist outdoors talking to a gentleman. Then we see Monet painting a water lily-padded pond, a subject for which he is most famed. (VIA)

Stocksy: Sustainable Stock Photography

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Stocksy is a stock photo cooperative owned and operated by its artists. Built by veterans of iStockphoto and its founder Bruce Livingstone, we are creating an agency that brings peace of mind by promoting open and transparent communication while establishing successful, sustainable careers through profit sharing and co-ownership with our artists.

We started working on Stocksy in Los Angeles in March 2012.


Photographers came to us en masse. They all said the same thing. They wanted more. They were disillusioned and frustrated with the state of affairs in the industry– artists were not fairly paid for the work they were creating.

They were right. In fact, when we starting to think through what the next phase of the maturation for this industry would look like, we took it even a step further. Not only were artists not fairly compensated, they were left out of benefiting from equity (ownership), even though they were the ones creating the long term value of the company by building its collection. We wanted to change that and create a corporate structure where photographers not only receive fair payment, but are also voting shareholders.

We’re proud to introduce to you to Stocksy, a multi-stakeholder cooperative that is founded upon the principles of equality, respect and the fair distribution of profits. We built this cooperative to specifically not keep any cash, paying out its profits each year in dividends – making us a non-target for investment and more importantly eliminating any type of corporate exit strategy. By design, we built a company to eliminate any threats to our ideals.

The traditional corporate structure at its very core stands in opposition to the stability of photographers income and sustainability of the marketplace. The demand for constant growth and exponential profits has proved unmanageable and dwindles the rewards of the artists leaving them disenfranchised and resentful. The photographers often feel that their careers are out of their own control. Stocksy is breaking this cycle and returning the power and the profits to the artists.

Stocksy management is a group of photo industry veterans, bound by our genuine respect for the craft and for our artists/co-owners. We have intentionally set high quality and curatorial standards for Stocksy to ensure that the stock you find on our site is authentic, intelligent, beautiful, realistic and inherently useful. We will revolutionize licensed photography not only with our co-op structure, but by making great images accessible for a reasonable price while simultaneously raising the industry standard.

We have built Stocksy to be something remarkable. We have high standards and high hopes. We invite you to come explore Stocksy and let us know what you think.