Barrier by Staudinger Franke

Staudinger-Franke Staudinger-Franke1 Staudinger-Franke2 Staudinger-Franke3 Staudinger-Franke4 Staudinger-Franke5 Staudinger-Franke6 Staudinger-Franke7 Staudinger-Franke8 Staudinger-Franke9 Staudinger-Franke10 Staudinger-Franke11 Staudinger-Franke12 Staudinger-Franke13

“Barrier” series by Staudinger Franke features models resting below the water’s surface.

So much more than just an ordinary photography studio: a crew existing of different kinds of artists to realize visual ideas. Every conceivable idea is doable and the whole workflow is supervised by Andreas Franke with 25 years of experience. The range of work covers everything from accurate illuminated productshots to highly complex compositings. (via HiFructose)