Be your own web designer! Interview with Christian Weber, founder of

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No matter if you’re a freelancer, an artist or working in an agency – showcasing yourself online is essential! Decision makers have little time and a professional website is the easiest way to gain attention for your work and to build your reputation.

Fortunately, the days when photographers either had to learn how to code or spend enormous sums on programmers are over. Today everyone can be a web designer – thanks to guys like Christian Weber.

Christian Weber is a Swiss designer from Zurich and the founder of – an online portfolio tool for creatives. In this interview he talks about his motivation and shares his experience on how to create a successful website.


Agonistica: Christian, your start-up is gaining increasing recognition in the international creative community. Are photographers the clientel you aim at?

Christian: ALLYOU is a tool for every creative. But although we have a lot of designers, artists, stylists and even musicians, most of our current users are professional photographers. We designed the tool with a focus on quality images and high design standards and that’s what photographers really appreciate.

Agonistica: Can you name your favorite users and tell me what is special about them?

Christian: Oh, I wouldn’t say I have favorites – our users work in such different areas and they all have their very own style. We are really psyched to have so many great professionals from around the world using our tool. I could name VANMOSSEVELDE+N, Luis Mora, Nicholas Coulomb, Winkler+Noah, Daniella Gurtner, Evaan Kheraj, Noe Flum or Michael Spindler. If you wanna know what’s special about them, just check out their websites! They inspire us every day with their creativity and motivate constant improvements through their feedback.

03-NOEFLUMAgonistica: Many photographers don’t know anything about web design. Why should they go through the hassle instead of hiring a programmer?

Christian: Because in the long run, it saves not only money but also a lot of time. Of course you can get a great site if you hire a programmer or an agency but every time you need to update something or want to change your design it’s a huge effort and really expensive. ALLYOU is easy to use: Basically you sign up, choose a template and you’re online. You can upload your images, customize your design and update your site any time you want.

04-EVAANKHERAJAgonistica: Do you have any advice for the people who create an online portfolio for the first time?

Christian: The most important thing is to know your audience. Think about whom you want to reach, and which projects and stories they might be interested in. Work with fonts, use a logo and you already have created your unique corporate design. Last but not least make sure to spread the word and promote your site over your various communication channels.

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