Beautiful Ceramic Speakers without buttons. Unmonday Model 4.3


As with all good design, Unmonday Model 4.3 represents a specific solution to a very specific problem. We wanted to create something truly wireless and flexible, but also something that did not compromise on sound quality or on good design sensibility. Simply put, there were no wireless portable speakers that were also a solid sound system. So, we set out to create our own solution.

In designing Unmonday Model 4.3 we also wanted to remove all the usual hassles associated with wireless speakers, from the set up process, to running wires, to pairing wireless equipment. The system streams audio from any Apple AirPlay compatible device across one to five speakers allowing for mono, stereo, multi-room or surround sound. Even if there is no WiFi available.

We also wanted to create a speaker that our customers can enjoy for decades to come. This is why Unmonday Model 4.3 is hand-made by professional craftsmen from the vitro porcelain enclosure to the custom-made amplifier. Using pre-made parts in the essential details was simply never an option. Unmonday Model 4.3 is also designed to evolve and adapt to changes in technology. The speaker can be updated simply by swapping out the hardware and downloading software updates, without renewing either the durable porcelain housing or the driver.
The result? A revolutionary new shape in wireless audio that allows you to shape your sound.