120+ Best Premium Photoshop Actions

magnificent portrait of young woman with perfect skin

We’re going to introduce a series of tools created by the Agonistica team itself in collaboration with professional photographers and graphic designers.

Let’s start with our 120+ Best Premium Actions for Photoshop. This is a set of very interesting, easy to use and customizable actions for Photoshop. The Price is only $6.

Black & White
Over 15 different types of black and white, as each master of photography had their ‘own’ recognizable black & white, with specific density and brightness, depending on what kind of camera and film they used. To create these actions we spent over a year analyzing the great masters of the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, those who truly made the greatness of black and white photography.

Fashion picture of two models next to the engine

Vintage, Polaroid and Instagram-Style
Over 12 months of careful studying of the real effects of vintage cameras – from the ’50s to the ’80s – such as Hasselbad, Polaroid, Rollei and Leica, have resulted in the creation of some truly astounding actions, which will allow you to replicate the original flavor of a vintage camera. Also, we analyzed the effects of the films most commonly used at the time, both 35 and medium format, in order to highlight their differences and develop a set of equivalent color tones.

Beautiful woman on beach

Color Correction
In collaboration with Agonistica, various professional photographers have helped us develop this action sets specific for color correction and fine tuning, which both professionals and amateurs will no doubt find useful. Thanks to these, among other things, you’ll be able to adjust the whites, which are too often overexposed in digital photography. (Above the beautiful actions ‘Infinite’, ‘Clear C’ and ‘Bright’, perfect for portrait and beauty)

We decided to launch this product at the very convenient price of $6, even though the actual value of this set is definitely much higher: just consider the time and effort and the number of professional photographers behind the product. Nonetheless, we opted for this price because of our desire to share with our readers our experience and our passion for photography.

… and much much more.

It’s extremely easy to get started with our 120+ Best Premium Actions for Photoshop. It really takes 2 minutes. Just open Photoshop, import the action you wish to utilize and press play. In a moment the effect will be applied.

The action will be saved in a separate folder, leaving the original picture untouched. This way, you’ll find all the elements at their levels and you’ll be able to combine multiple actions or even modify the action itself in order to customize it according to your needs. All actions work both at low (72 dpi) and high (300 dpi) resolutions.

Let’s now take a closer look at the end results of some of these 123 actions.


Mid Tone is a gorgeous Black & White, especially made for portraits of children and for closeups, as it highlights the skin and the eyes.

The set of Light Correction (8 Actions) is especially useful to enhance outdoor photos that are slightly overexposed or too bright anyway.

Optimizer, Enhancer and Shine: 3 actions developed to enhance – each in a different way – the initial picture, whether it’s a landscape or a portrait (see the first photo above).

Two adult people in bedroom posing

Retro Camera are 6 truly spectacular actions, which alone are worth the price. My father used to be a Nikon Fan, and I’ve always loved the typical colors of the photos of those years, so I took the utmost care in trying to create some actions which could reproduce them faithfully.

Golden Hour: Outstanding on landscapes, it highlights its dominant colors and makes them beautiful, as if the photo was taken in the typical golden light that precedes a sunset, the Golden Hour.
Light Correction

Vogue style photo of sensual woman

The Stamps set (5 Actions) works amazingly well on portraits. Just look at the result it gets on the hair and on the skin.

Portrait Perfection, Natural Portrait, Wedding Portrait (16 Actions): The ultimate tool for portraits, both in studio and outdoors with natural lights. It highlights the skin, improves tonality and optimizes blacks and whites.

On top of these ones we just described, there are 100 more actions that are only waiting to be discovered and used to your advantage.

Buy for $6 here.