Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Rembrandt Edition

001-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-3-4-front-1 002-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-front-1 003-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-side-1 004-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-3-4-rear-1 005-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-horseshoe-1 006-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-wheel-1 007-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-fuel-cap-1 008-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-eb-logo-1 009-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-interior-1 011-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-door-1 012-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-centre-box-1 013-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-legends-plate-1 014-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-door-sill-plate-1 016-rembrandt-bugatti-legend-elephant-sketch-1

The Rembrandt Bugatti edition is distinguished by its two-tone brown and bronze color scheme. The brightwork is done up with a platinum finish, the wheels follow the same two-tone theme as the bodywork and the interior is upholstered in cognac leather and emblazoned with the elephant symbol throughout.

Bugatti will present this latest special Veyron at the Geneva Motor Show this week (mere days before an exhibition of the sculptor’s work opens in Berlin), after which three examples will be offered, each with a sticker price of €2.18 million – equivalent to an even $3 million at today’s rates. (via)