Bullets cut in half by Sabine Pearlman

ammo-by-sabine-pearlman-01 ammo-by-sabine-pearlman-02 ammo-by-sabine-pearlman-03 ammo-by-sabine-pearlman-04

Bullets cut in half by Sabine Pearlman for the project “Ammo”. Shot from inside a Swiss WWII bunker.

Sabine Pearlman was born and raised in Austria. She moved to the US in 2004, and today lives and works in Los Angeles. As a photographer, she strives to create a poetry of images by synergizing the “big picture” with the small details. Educated at Pratt Institute, Otis College of Art and Design and Santa Monica College, Sabine’s work has been exhibited at numerous galleries nationally and internationally.

(via Trendland, via Toxel)