Cade Martin’s Wonderlands

Cade Martin is an award-winning photographer for advertising, corporate & fashion clients worldwide. Specializing in people and location photography, Cade’s impressive photographic abilities coupled with his consummate professionalism have won him the complete confidence of his clients, which have recently included Tommy Hilfiger, Grey Goose, Coors Brewing Company, Zurich, America’s Next Top Model, Discovery Channel, Karla Colletto, IBM, Verizon, Marriott, Merrill Lynch, National Geographic Society among other leading companies and creative agencies.

Cade Martin’s work conveys a message more powerful than words. Filled with strength and clarity, perfectly composed and lit with a simple elegance, his photographs touch the deepest emotions. Created with purpose and dedication, they reveal the vision of an artist who knows how to translate his ideas onto the medium of film, from idea to finished product. Martin’s meticulous attention to detail help shape an environment that echoes the real world, but with a heightened emotional focus.