Castro’s People by Susi Eggenberger

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“Ninety miles from America and roughly the size of Pennsylvania the totalitarian communist state of Cuba is home to more than eleven million people.  A multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish origins and Catholic faith, Cuba boasts one of the best health care systems in the world with the average life expectancy comparable to the UK while it’s average monthly salary is only $20.00.  Prolonged austerity and the state controlled economy’s insufficiency in providing adequate services and goods have forced an estimated 40% of Cubans to turn to the black market in order to obtain necessary clothing, food and household items.  Historically, Cuban law subordinates it’s people from freedom of movement, speech, assembly and the press.  However, efforts by the government for economic and social reform have recently loosened some of the constraints on travel, real estate and business creating a mixture of excitement and trepidation in the Cuban people. ” (via)

photos by Susi Eggenberger