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Photographer and filmmaker, Vincent Peters, was born in Germany in 1969. He began his photographic career taking snaps whilst travelling around Thailand in the 1980’s. Since 1990, Peters has concentrated on fashion, beauty and celebrity photography, contributing to nearly every major fashion magazine including French, Italian, British, German, Japanese and Spanish Vogue, Numero, Arena, GQ, Dazed & Confused, Ten and The Face.

BLUE by Carl Corey

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BLUE is a work of the american photographer Carl Corey. It’s about workers portrayed at their place of work, industries, especially. Composition consists of an individual worker, almost always at the center of the image, in the context of his work. I think it’s a great documentary of the contemporary America. It tells how important is the manufacture and how much care and dedication are given ​​every day by workers. Each photo is color-balanced, and it is curious to notice how in all these different environments the predominant colors are almost always two.

Mosaic by Thomas Kellner


Thomas Kellner, a German photographer, created a series of panoramas, consisting in hundreds of pictures taken in 35mm film. This reminds me the work of Galimberti, which I reviewed a few days ago. The difference is that Thomas is much more “orderly” in the composition, and that in this case the black border of the film fills up the scene. And they’re truly special, seen from a distance they almost seem flickering images, reflecting in the water.


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Auction of Photography Masters

A stock of hundreds black and white photography (probably from a unique collection) of 40’s and 50’s. Shooted by the best photographer’s of the last century: Olivo Barbieri, René Burri, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Elliott Erwitt, Man Ray, Steve McCurry and more others. Certified by Minerva Auction in Rome, Italy, the deadline is November ,28.

The Auction includes 40 photographs of Marylin Monroe and others cinema celebrities. Prices starts from 300 €, free online bidding available.