Chad Wys

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‘I’m Chad Wys. My work concerns the examination of visuality: of images and objects, decorations and art and how the manifestations of the reproductions of these materials come to influence our everyday experiences.

Appropriation as a methodology came naturally and early to me since my academic and personal interests had for so long involved the study of visual production. When it came time to develop a methodology, I simply adapted the technique of literary citation to the realm of the visual. My affinity for Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and the other Dadaists, along with the recent Pictures Generation of the 1980s (including artists like Sherrie Levine and Richard Prince)—all appropriators—were tremendous stylistic and intellectual influences in this regard.

Ultimately, it is through appropriation that I’ve found the most direct line to the problems that concern me above others. Sourcing, displaying, and adapting materials from my urban environment has become both my process and my methodology for dealing with the culture, and the cultural information, I wish to critique.’