Channel 4 recreates The Shining.

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Siri Bunford created this amazing spot for Channel 4′s Stanley Kubrick Season, which gives a fictional, behind-the-scenes look at the production of The Shining. The commercial is done in one continuous gliding shot that explores the “back alleys” of the shoot, glimpsing many of the memorable characters and props from the film. The music and the pacing though still give off the creepy vibe of the film, which is what really makes this a true gem. (via)

Siri Bunford grew up in wales where her dad was an opera singing coal miner and she learnt to play the cello at the age of 5 which is a bit scary but ok because she didn’t learn to speak english ’til she was 9 but then got a degree in it and somehow ended up as a weather girl in paris and then a surfer in biarritz and she wanted to be a tv presenter but people put her behind the camera instead so she made loads of great ads for channel 4 which won endless awards and now she’s won a d&ad pencil which is really rather good and although she thinks that she has ocd we haven’t noticed because we just love her being a knucklehead.