Christopher Moloney’s Filmography is Location Photography

“FILM + photography = FILMography.”

That’s how writer Christopher Moloney describes his FILMography tumblr, though another fitting fill-in for the “…ography” could be GEography, as Moloney’s blog is all about layering shots from films over their real-world locations.  From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to ‘The Warriors’ and ‘North by Northwest,’ this photographer has made it his mission to show people exactly where these iconic scenes took place.

For instance, the shot in FILMography by Christopher Moloney that involves Bane was taken at the Federal Hall in New York City. A simple project, this Tumblr site is nevertheless incredibly impressive. It even allows people to search by film, location, actor or year so that people can hone in on what really interests them. It is made for movie buffs.