Coca Cola Houses in Philippines by Gem

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Coca Cola logos are very dominant in the Philippine landscape. I chose to photograph them because they’re very distinctive, and while I know other countries also have Coke ads, I don’t think they’re anywhere as pervasive as the Coke banners, streamers, metal signs, tarps, posters, logo placements beside store names as I see here in the Philippines. I’ve also included a few photos of houses adorned with the logos of other soda companies. But Coke’s is really the most popular. I photographed these Coca Cola houses and structures over a period of six years, 2007-2013. These were shot in many different places. You could just walk into any random street and spend half a day shooting and probably get 20 Coke shots, but I wanted to make a set of varied Coca Cola houses from different places.

Photos by ‘Gem‘.