Cognition by Bence Bakonyi

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The photographic works of Bence Bakonyi represent the symbols of freedom, airiness and transubstantiation. Below their contemporary and young aesthetics, they provide us with deeper layers of interpretations. Body and mind – these qualities are entirely intertwined in the unique pictoriality he creates: a human blends into the landscape, the body extends, or we see a deep black mark on the bright white cliff that appears as a gate which attracts its visual pair on the picture: a human figure. The consequently emerging drama dissolves either in bright spaces or in the soothing aesthetics created by the color lines – making his works easily accessible. The generous spaces of his photographs and their capacity to connect reality and fantasy turn us away from the problems of everyday life and direct our thoughts toward the much more universal and dignified questions of human existence.

Misetics Mátyás

In his series entitled Cognition, Bence Bakonyi puts us in the position of a distant, outside spectator. From the perspective of these photographs we experience that kind of comprehension which is possible only through considerable withdrawal. Due to its viewpoint, the series represents the spirit of the group. It is not the person, but the community which appears as an individual entity: we see it moving in unity, the trace of its path, and the process through which it discovers the unknown. For the protagonists of the photographs taken in Dunhuang and Zhangye Danxia are tourists: the landscape was still just as alien and fascinating for them as it was for Bence Bakonyi when he documented it.

Frank Márta Éva