Did BH Video Just Leak The New Canon 3D DSLR Specs?

Because of some lucky searching, someone found a listing for the rumored Canon 3D that was briefly up last night on BHphotovideo’s website.

Recent rumors point to a full-sized body, and this is pre order listing is consistent with those claims. But could an imminent announcement be in store for us this month?

If true, we could see Canon’s mega-megapixel camera very soon since stores like BH and Adorama usually do not design product pages until moments before an announcement.

One thing that’s odd, however, is that it was briefly listed as back-ordered. This could be simply the way B&H’s placeholders work, however, as they prepare product pages for upcoming release dates. In any case, all of the specifications seem accurate with recent rumors as well. I’m excited. How about you?

Via Nine-volt.com , Fstoppers