Dirk Rees Sport, Body & Motion

Dirk Rees is a London based commercial photographer whose photography career was nurtured during 10 years in the production industry, working with film, advertising, and documentary projects.

The transition from working with moving image to still and the ability to capture narratives in an encapsulated form has inspired in Dirk a love of experimentation, innovative use of lighting, and other creative techniques. Combined, these give his photography a distinctive cinematic and panoramic sense of conceptualization, transcending the boundaries between traditional moving and still images. Dirk’s work is characterized by eclecticism and diversity. A strong sense of storytelling and narrative flow have always been a strong and constant feature of Dirks work, both in his professional assignments and his more personal, creative work.

To read more go to www.dirkrees.com

Click here to watch a video from Dirk’s shooting session for the Hasselblad Masters book Vol.2 – Emotion. (via)