DK series by Paula Rosa

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DK series by Paula RosaFellini Gallery.

Paula Rosa is a designer and visual artist living and working in Lisbon. She showed an early interest for the Visual Arts and Design, which proceeded naturally in her academic training. She graduated from University Lusófona in Equipment and Space Design and from Jean Piaget Institute in Design and Production’s Management of Pedagogical Media.
Fascinated by the Visual Arts, from painting to film animation, she has held several solo exhibitions, in Portugal and in the U.S.A, and participated in group exhibitions in Europe. Her work is represented in private collections, museums and institutions in Portugal and abroad.

Combining the technical rigour with the inner chaos of inspiration, Paula Rosa sublimates in the emerging digital art, taken with no prejudice nor frontiers, through the most recent technologies. She divides her activity by an art made of brushes and the discipline of Design; a dualistic option that marks her work and its route.