Emphas.is: The Photojournalism is dead, long live the Photojournalism!

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Emphas.is is a crowdfound for visual journalists.

What if the survival of independent visual storytelling depended on you?

When was the last time you really made a difference in someone’s life? The last time you uncovered hard facts that changed the world? With Emphas.is you can!

The world is full of amazing stories and journalist willing to tell them. Yet, in our world of fast news it is hard to find in depth storytelling. We are here to bring you dedicated journalism: the kind, that help us understand and shape the world we are living in. We have built the tools that connect journalists and their audience, and that provides grass root funding for in-depth stories.

We now need our community to take the next step to become sustainable. Together we can make sure that the issues you care about get the coverage they need.