‘Fearless Genius’: Unpublished Photos of Steve Jobs

18_Menuez-P_Steve_Jobs_dm_FNL_v4_DSI 2_Menuez-NExt_DM_FINAL_v2_DSI 3_73033_40_SM_FNL_DM_v1_DSI 4_010_024563_19_sm_DSI NeXT founder Steve Jobs. 6_8555_1A_SM_FNL_dm-v2_DSI 7_Adobe-Kiss-MASTER_DSI 8_9123_02_SM_v3.1_DSI color reversal: KODAK UNIVERSAL E6. SBA settings neutral SBA off, color SBA on NeXT founder Steve Jobs.Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH 11_IMG0012-2_v1_DSI No caption available 13_Steve-Capps_Jaminator_FNLv1_DSI No caption available 15_Menuez-Adobe_xmas-party_scream_FNL_dm_v3_DSI 16_Newton_Tricia_08_DM_FNL_V2_DSI 17_Menuez-88210_26A_SM_v2_DSI

These photos was made by Doug Menuez for the documentary project ‘Fearless Genius, The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985-2000’.

Doug Menuez is a documentary photographer based in New York City, accepting commissions for advertising, editorial and fine art projects that utilize his special point of view on the human experience.