Fishlove 2011 by Rankin

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Single-handedly, Fishlove has managed to do what nothing else has: to put the issue of fish and marine conservation on the front covers of newspapers and magazines across the globe. We are now planning shoots with some of the most exciting photographers in the world to make sure that our seas will survive for future generations to come.

Synonymous with compelling portraiture, Rankin’s lens captures, creates and unveils icons.

Rankin made his name in publishing, founding the seminal monthly magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1992. It provided a platform for innovation for emerging stylists, designers, photographers and writers. The magazine went on to forge a distinctive mark in the arts and publishing spheres, and developed a cult status forming and moulding trends, and bringing some of the brightest lights in fashion to the foreground.

Sponsored by Waitrose and Ocean 2012