FLIGHT by Bina Altera

FLIGHT_Beyond_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Burst_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Change_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Dance_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Faith_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Float_srge_650 FLIGHT_Nest_srge_650 FLIGHT_Reflections_srgb_650 FLIGHT_River Sunset_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Runningsrgb_650 FLIGHT_See_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Skyway Memorie_srgb_650 FLIGHT_Violet Forest_srgb_650 splashdown_300_srgb_650


Born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1972, Bina Altera completed her BFA at the Art Institute of Boston in 1994. Since then she has had an active schedule of exhibitions, showing her photographs, collages, and other works on paper at many commercial and university galleries.

Skilled in a wide variety of photographic and computer technologies and techniques, Altera has also been commissioned to do editorial illustrations for such respected publications as The New York Times MagazineThe Atlantic Monthly, and The Boston Globe Magazine. In 2013 she received her Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Digital Photography from New York City’s School of Visual Arts. Currently Altera teaches classes in the Department of Continuing Education at the School of Visual Arts, and does her photographic work out of her studio in Brooklyn.