Headstands by Alex Wein

Alex-Wein_0_Grand-View-SF Alex-Wein_1_Marin-Hills Alex-Wein_2_White-Sands Alex-Wein_3_Portland-Oregon Alex-Wein_6_Fallen-Roof Alex-Wein_7_Monument-Valley-Utah Alex-Wein_12_Maderia-Street-Baltimore-MD Alex-Wein_13_Graceland-Memphis-TN Alex-Wein_15_I40-Arkansas Alex-Wein_22_King-And-Queen-Seat-Rocks-MD Alex-Wein_26_Showa-Kinen-Park-Tokyo-Japan Alex-Wein_27_Kona-Skatepark-Jacksonville-FL

Alex Wein is an artist based in Oakland working in photography, video and sculpture.
Currently exploring fiction and the uncanny realism that it inspires. In 2012, he received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, co-published his first book, The Copycat.

Alex also takes commissions for clients including Timbuk2, Baltimore Style, Skateboard Mag, Focus, Music Monthly, The Biters, Ergophobia, Dakine, Skatology, Untitled Skateboards, Vu, Revival, 3 Ride, Status Apparatus, Adoura Demode, Afterlife, diPietro Todd.