Hyper Real Drawings by Ivan Hoo

photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-1 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-2 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-3 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-5 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-6 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-7 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-8 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-9 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-10 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-12 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-13 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-14 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-15 photorealism-drawing-wood-ivan-hoo-16

Ivan Hoo is an artist who was born and raised in Singapore. Ivan lives and breathes art.He has been constantly drawing since at young age. As a self taught artist,his style focusing on realistic portraits and still life drawings. Although Ivan would like to do more paintings in the future, his favorite mediums to work with are mainly dry mediums like pastel. He has been experimenting and studying anamorpic drawings and going further with his knowledge and technique using wood as his favourite canvas to draw on.

Among his achievement ,Ivan had his first exhibition at the 50 x 50 Square Invasion Painting Show 2011 and sold one of the painting.The show which is held at the Instinc Artspace Singapore is a collaboration with other local and international Artists.Today,he has taught Drawings And Paintings at Art Speaks Studio a local art space located in Singapore. (via Daily Mail)