Ilford disposable black and white analog cameras

Ilford is surfing on the retro wave in photography and the serious rebound of film photography as well as black and white photography and launched two analog single use cameras dedicated to black and white. The first one is loaded with a ISO 400 XP2 film that can be processed with basic color C41 chemicals available in most labs and the second one is loaded with HP5 film that will need a traditional black and white processing that can not be found everywhere, but you can also get your darkroom back on track if you had one in your basement for a true back to ancestral photography session ! Note that in the UL where they will first launch these black and white cameras, Ilford will also sell a more expensive version of the HP5 with a prepaid processing in a lab located in Chechire not far form Ilford’s headquarters. Both cameras offer 27 images and a flash.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at HARMAN, says ‘We continue to be surprised at the number of requests we get for the retro style black and white film cameras. Many are from digital users who now want the look of real black and white prints from a film negative, especially when they go to events and parties.’

Cameras are available to purchase now from usual photographic dealers and distributors, and from (via)