Ilse Moore Underwater Photographer

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Ilse Moore attained her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree in 2009 through the University of South Africa and is currently practicing Art Photography in the Vaal Triangle.

“While my underwater photography often involves commercial shoots, my conceptual work speaks of a subconscious denial of reality. I have always been attracted to surreal imagery. I believe that photography as a medium lends a kind of realism to these ‘fantasies’, allowing it to exist in closer relationship to the viewer. I like that it suggests the possibility of an indiscernible truth. Shooting underwater seemed like the logical next step in finding a balance between the surreal world and my own reality…

There is very little control underwater and although I can manipulate any particular set to achieve what I initially envisioned, the unplanned visuals that happen under the surface often determine the direction I take the shoot as it constantly changes and forms new meanings. I wouldn’t like to remove this aspect of my shooting, the surprise of the change appeals too much to me.”