In Your Fridge by Stéphanie De Rougé

With a fascination for big cities and their occupants, new york-based photographer Stéphanie De Rougé started out with a series that documented various types of people in their most natural environment –
the bedroom – but found this space to be lacking in intimacy and permanence. ‘the building walls don’t talk.
new yorkers move all the time, share and sublet rooms,’ says rougé. ‘not a good setting for a long term
relationship with one self.’

From there, she organically stumbled upon the idea of ‘in your fridge’, a candid series of images which
records individuals and the inner contents of their refrigerators. highly voyeuristic and honest,
the collection of photographs is a spin on the idea of portraits, capturing an almost intrusive side
of the subject’s daily life. (via)