James Chororos, Everyday

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James Chororos is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s studied architecture, painting, graphic design, art history, and engineering. He’s designed at nearly every scale, from skyscrapers to websites, yet he was not the least bit surprised when he accidentally discovered that photography- the one area he hadn’t thought of pursuing- was the field he felt most connected with.

His personal work is focused on the human relationship with space, landscapes, portraiture, and urban phenomena in and around New York City, and is recognized by it’s strong use of geometric forms and color. He accepts international commissions from clients in the areas of advertising, architectural photography, portraiture, and event photography.

He obsesses over contemporary architecture and simple design, loves both the nostalgia of old technology and the innovation of modern technology, and hates when people don’t let him off of the subway before they try to get on.