Jan von Holleben’s Dreams of Flying

xThe apple raid xthe Astronauts xThe Diver xThe Dog Rider xThe dolphin swimmer xThe Gardener xThe Ghostbusters xThe Jumpers xThe King Kong xThe Luke Skywalker xThe Peter Pan xThe Pirats xThe Racers xThe Rocketeers xThe Strong Men xThe Superman xThe Tarzan and Jan

Jan von Holleben is no photographer. Yet without the camera he can’t live either. He also needs gallons of herbal tea, tons of muesli and some well colored socks to be happy and productive.

Born 1977 to a child therapist and a camera man, he enjoyed his childhood in the countryside with far too much freedom and love, studied teacher for handicapped children in 1999 at PH Freiburg/ Germany for some boring months before heading to a brighter future as student to theory and history of photography at SIAD in Farnham/ UK. He then, starting 2002, worked as picture editor, artistic director, photographic director and photographic agent for various magazines and agencies within the London photographic industry before taking himself serious and pretending to be photographer – decorated with far too many awards, publications and exhibitions. He still loves the game and will most likely continue for another while!