Japanese Decorated Trucks!

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In the summer of 1998, I started to take photos of the Japanese decorated truck, DECOTORA. More I take photos and more communicate with the drivers, I noticed that most of them have conscientious personality. Why the truck drivers who are so devoted to their jobs, so earnest that even look mismatch with their flashy trucks, decorating own trucks so excessively?

One of the drivers who got friendly with told me. “At first, I never liked this job. But I had to love my job to live, so I started to decorate my truck.” Their job is tough and lonely. Thery are sometimes away from home for over a week and sleep inside the truck. The risk for death is besetting with long-distance driving. But they never can get worth money for it.

They can’y keep driving without pride. I think DECOTORA is an expression of each driver’s pride.

Masaru Tatsuki