Kúla Deeper 3d Camera

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Kúla Deeper is for 3D photography and filming with a normal camera. The Kúla Deeper project was just launched on the Nordic crowd funding site Karolinafund. With Deeper you can easily switch between taking 2D and 3D pictures and videos as you simply snap the device onto your camera’s lens.

As well as making a device that creates stereoscopic images, we’ve come up with a software that processes those images and transforms them into any 3D format you like. It’s a fun gadget that adds a new dimension to playing with your SLR camera. To understand the product a little better check out our project’s site at: karolinafund.com/kula or take 38 seconds to watch “This is how Kúla Deeper works” on kula3d.com

Further info and pictures can be found at kula3d.com/presskit.