Kylie Woon / Things beyond

Things beyond

“At the back of my mind, I vaguely realise how absurd it is to be a human being, an animal from this earth, who cannot testify to the existence of stars. I have seen a few, but never ever a sky full of them. Strange world we live in.
I’m drawn to them, and these stars that I will never meet hold a sense of familiarity for me, as though I might recognise myself in them when I finally see them (the way I recognise myself across a landscape of city lights at night).

Maybe we are drawn to them because we ourselves are made of stardust. That is what my astronomy teacher said, I think. I wasn’t listening as closely as I should have been.
But maybe that is why we look upon them in wonder – because they echo our own small-and-beautifulness – and we echo theirs.”