Lincoln Clarkes: Cyclists

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Lincoln Clarkes wants this to be about the photographs. And it’s easy to get entirely caught up in the gaze of his celebrity portraits, or the brute force of police in his protest shots. You ride a wave of psychedelia at the Burning Man Festival, or get lost in a haze of heroin addiction. When you take in the poignancy of native boys playing on a tree stump in a clear-cut, you’re all but oblivious of the cameraman.

Working at a frenetic pace, Lincoln Clarkes, surrendering to his latest obsession, documented hundreds of cyclists from the spring of 2011 to the autumn of 2012. These photographs were taken entirely candidly. As well as being completely natural and unaware of the photographer, the cyclists are immortalized at the peak of their physical perfection; young, beautiful, active, healthy, alive and engaged. And whether they seem relaxed and thoughtful or focused and full of purpose, these are all contenders, people who seem to be going places.

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