Low Pixel Ceramics by Toshiya Masuda








Toshiya Masuda says: ‘People tend to judge things based on one’s experiences or acquired knowledge, as one gets older.

Since people control feelings based on old knowledge and precedent, many things become common sense in one’s mind without realizing.

In that sense, I think there are many people who imagine tactile reality such as “pottery” or the texture and colors of the clod and glaze, whenever they hear the word “ceramic art”, and, on the contrary, imagine untactile digital images on computer screens such as TV games, whenever they hear the word “CG”.

The “image gap” that I can make by producing CG’s digital images, which do not have texture or reality, with “ceramic art” which has entirely opposite image with texture and reality.

I believe the strange feeling that people can feel with this “image gap” can help them to think about “the reality of this age” which consists of virtual world and the real world.’