Margaret Thatcher by Peter Marlow

LON69608 G.B. ENGLAND. Brighton. Conservative Party Conference. The Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Peter Marlow‘s eye has been defined in relation to photojournalism, but he is not a photojournalist. Initially this was the path he chose, his early years marking him out as one of the most enterprising and successful of Britain’s young news photographers. He joined the hard-nosed Sygma group based out of Paris, for whom he delivered the decisive news moments of their trade, but found he didn’t have the right appetite for the job. The legend of the concerned photojournalist and the camaraderie of photo reporters turned out, in the Lebanons and Northern Irelands of the late 70s, to disguise dog eat dog competition between photographers hunting fame at all costs. Marlow didn’t like war, and he didn’t fit in. His portfolio from the Sygma years gained him access to the Magnum co-operative in 1980, for whom he initially offered what was expected of him: more of the same. But for Marlow the whole point of joining Magnum was to be free, and to use his freedom to exercise an independent vision of his own. Helped by the co-operative’s brutal initiation process (involving the unrelenting and sometimes confrontational scrutiny of its young members’ photography), Marlow found a different way to work.”