Mini Museum

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The mini museum is a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. It’s been carefully designed to take you on a journey of learning and exploration. The idea is simple. For the past 35 years I have collected amazing specimens specifically for this project. I then carefully break those specimens down into smaller pieces, embed them in resin, and you end up with an epic museum in a manageable space. Each mini museum is a handcrafted, individually numbered limited edition. And If you consider the age of some of these specimens – it’s been billions of years in the making.  The majority of these specimens were acquired directly from contacting specialists recommended to me by museum curators, research scientists and university historians.

The collection starts with some of the oldest matter ever collected in the known Universe – matter collected from carbonacious chondrites. These meteorites contain matter that is over 4 billion years old. Other meteors include some that have skimmed off the surface of Mars or the moon and then landed on Earth – each of those containing matter from those celestial bodies.