Monica + Menez + Fashion + Irony

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Photographer and Director Monica Menez fell in the midst of Art from a very young age. She tried different things like dance, graphics and fashion design. She launched her first solo exhibition in 2001 since then her work has been exhibited all over the globe. The award winning photographer’s cinematographic work began with “Precious” which won La Jolla Fashion Film Award “Most Creative Concept” in 2011. She striked back with the short film “Hors-d’œuvre”, awarded with “Best Art Direction” Prize at the ASVOFF 5 Award 2012. In 2013, Her work will be featured at the New York Fashion Festival.

Deeply inspired by director john Waters, her universe is anachronistic, visually vintage but ultra modern in the subject. Monica’s film are an exercise in beautiful surrealism with a sense of humor. ” My productions are often about sexy women in unusual situations”

She has been listed as one of the “Up & Coming New Comers” in SHOTS Magazine ( London)