Nick Meek’s Tourists Land

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Nick Meek‘s work touches on everyones ability to sense and feel atmosphere. Weather it’s a galloping horse in the desert, some kids crossing the street, discarded shoes on a carpet or a majestic landscape his pictures capture not only a sense of the moment but also the feeling.

Nick has shot many campaigns and stories, a few of which are here;: Absolut Vodka, AmEx, American Airlines, Arena Homme Plus Magazine, BBC, BMW, Commonwealth Games, COI, CNN, D&AD, Eurostar, Ericsson, The Guardian, IBM, Intersection Magazine, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Lloyds/TSB, Nicorette, Orangina, Peugeot, Philip Morris, Playstation, Renault, Southern Comfort, Sun Newspapers, The Samaritans, Starbucks, The Times, VW, Vauxhall, Wallpaper Magazine, Weetabix..