NY Churches – A Unique Perspective

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Photos by Richard Silver. “As someone who has traveled all over the world sometimes you forget how much New York has to offer to a Photographer. I am always trying to find new and different ways to photograph this city. This is  my newest renditions of  New York in Photographs.

After figuring out what I was looking to accomplish I did end up changing the output a few times but am very happy with these results.  These are done using the Panorama mode in Photoshop. Each photo is about 6-10 photos stitched together to make the panorama. Shooting from the Pew to the exit door and back again making sure I get the shot the 2nd time if there is something not good from the 1st one. I use a tripod in most shots but  (too) many Churches do not allow tripod usage.

I do wish I would have figured this format out years ago because I probably have been in hundreds of Churhes, Temples and Mosques over my years of traveling….but better late than never.” (via Behance)