One Day Young by Jenny Lewis

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Basically having read Ina May’s book of positive birth stories, Spiritual Midwifery, and subsequently having two good water births one in hospital and one at home, I felt I wanted to collect some more birth stories to share and encourage women. Stories from my area and time that would be relevant to people around me. To support and empower, to offer a different messages from the usual stories of fear.

Being a photographer the most natural way for me to collect these stories is with pictures. I want to reassure women that everything is going to be alright. Before you know it you will be at home, you will still be you but with an amazing glow of pride at your core.. Calm not chaos is what greets me when I turn up to do a portrait.

The privilege to capture this openness and love, and the strength of women I have met has blown me away. Women from all walks of life, all ages. Women who have struggled through IVF, women who are single and going it alone, or with amazing partners. No matter what the journey, it is always the same, pure unashamed love for the baby in their arms….beautiful. This is what I’m trying to capture, not that its fleeting but in the first twenty four hours it is pretty raw and quite a jolt from the reality we all live in.

If you would like to be involved please email me on with your due date and address and I can answer any questions you may have.

All pictures are taken in your own home, and must be taken within 24 hrs since the birth. The session is brief to be as unobtrusive as possible. You have access to all the digital files and there is no charge. (via)