Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier is one of the world’s foremost fashion photographers. He has created iconic portraits and photographed covers and campaigns for many influential publications and fashion houses.

Born in 1943, he was raised in the small town of La Havre, near Paris, by his mother. His love of photography began aged 17 when he was given his first camera by his stepfather and began to take pictures. Aged 20 he moved to Paris and began working for a photography lab, printing newspaper photographs. He later became assistant to a photographer who shot film magazine covers, before moving on to work at a finishing school doing test shots and eventually becoming assistant to Hans Feurer, a photographer who worked with Vogue. He has no formal qualifications, instead he claims he has learned from his mistakes: “I learned most by just taking pictures; a lot of pictures. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but it’s often from your mistakes that you learn most. Being a photographer is like being an athlete. You must practice every day.”

He lives in New York with his wife Mia, a former model, with whom he has three children.