Pawel Fabjanski Photographer & Artist

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During his work Pawel Fabjanski gained a broad know-how in the preparation of visuals for reputable clients – this brought him to belief that by describing and uncovering his creative-methods he can put his small merit to the development of global creativity.

On a daily basis Paweł Fabjański is an advertising photographer, represented by two photo agencies: SHOOTME (Poland) and TAKE (Italy). No matter if he works with big advertising agency or a small individual client he always serves with detailed creative supervision and the supports of creation process on each stage of project development. All the pictures presented on this website are mostly his personal series, as well as projects that have been undertaken simultaneously to commercial works.

Parallelly to being an active commercial photographer Paweł Fabjański runs a Work-Room for Professional Commercial Photography at National Film School in Łódź. His classes are a place where the idea of a commercial photography is being re-defined. Together with his students he creates a lab of a new creative photography, where the latest trends are as important as knowledge on photography’s roots and origins.