Pengelly Design London

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Pengelly Design, a London-based studio specialising in furniture and product design, was founded by British designer Simon Pengelly in 1993.

Pengelly’s formative training at the bench provides a background of pragmatism that underscores the intelligent solutions that come from his materials and process led approach to problem solving, resulting in products of lightness, understated simplicity and trademark timeless appeal.

Pengelly Design Ltd now collaborates globally with the most progressive design-led companies working within the realm of product and furniture production.

“Quietness, possibly above all else, is a quality the best products possess in that they don’t follow trend, rather they possess a character born of thoughtful regard to function, materiality, environment, intuitiveness and familiarity, without the need to shout. There are few things more exciting and interesting to us than being able to make our mark with quiet design”.